Online Poker Rooms Evaluated

It does not matter if you only play poker for fun or to make money playing online poker, you must choose the right poker room to play at. And with so many poker sites to choose from, how can you know which one is best for you? This is what our website does, we present an online poker ranking of the best poker websites out there.

How to establish our online poker ranking

First, we have established a number of criteria to judge the quality and ranking of the poker site. The criteria for this poker classification are:

Variety of Games
Offer of poker bonusses
Average of players available
Cash games for Fixed Limit
Games with cash for No Limit
Tournament Calendar (number of tournaments, pot size in the big guaranteed events)
Software quality
How soft or strong is the competition
Security measures against fraud
Payment Processing (security protocols, payment methods to choose)
Availability of a non-downloadable version
Availability of games, casino and sports betting on the same website
Customer Service (response speed, staff competence)

Then, we had a team of experienced players evaluating all the poker sites for us. In order to reach a poker ranking online as impartial as possible, each of the online poker sites is rated at least 5 players. In this way each poker website was evaluated and classified by multiple players in order to prevent personal preferences from influencing the ranking of online poker.

Each evaluator assigned between 1 and 10 points to each site following the criteria mentioned above, to create an unbiased poker ranking of the best sites for online poker fans. The current poker ranking is determined by the average points that the poker site has received by our evaluators, following all the criteria mentioned above.

How relevant is online ranking poker to me as a player?

For obvious reasons, the poker ranking can only reflect the overall quality of the poker site. As an individual player, you will give more weight to a specific factor or fact. If you prefer to play with cash, you may ignore the fact that site A has a large tournament schedule and choose the site only for the best score for the cash game option and the weakest competition, and so on.

But facts like the promotion bonus, stability and usability of the poker software are very important factors for each player in the ranking of an online poker site. That said, if you are one of those typical players that evaluates especially the quality of a poker site, then we suggest you choose one of the 5 best poker sites in our ranking.

Be aware of your skill level as a player, and if you feel you need to improve your skills, we suggest

If you are looking for a site with very special characteristics, be sure to choose the one with the highest score for that specific criterion. Apart from the ranking of online poker, our website also offers reviews of several of the sites evaluated. These reviews of poker and casino rooms contain detailed information about the poker site, the most recent promotion on offer and much more. Once you have reduced your choice through the poker ranking, be sure to check the reviews of those poker sites that you have decided to be the most likely candidate!

Ranking of rooms, bonus information

Ranking de salas, informaciones de bono

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